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Chiropractic care helps you perform at your optimum levels. Dr. Travis offers comprehensive health care that not only aligns your body but ensures you enjoy your greatest range of motion with muscles and joints functioning at their highest ability.

Restoring Your Full Potential

Athletes especially can see many benefits from care with Dr. Travis. When you’re active, your body takes a toll. Restoring proper motion to your body allows you to be more flexible and prevent soreness, so you can wake up in the morning feeling great and stay that way all day.

Dr. Travis has treated athletes from many different sports, such as the San Jose Sharks hockey team, Bellator MMA™ fighters, professional baseball players, the San Jose State rugby teams and college-level athletes.

Understanding the Demands on an Athlete’s Body

As a former high school football and basketball player, and having played baseball in college, Dr. Travis understands the importance of movement in any sport. Some of the common injuries he sees include hockey players with quadriceps, groin or ankle injuries. He also saw a professional baseball player with rotator cuff issues who was having pain and stiffness in the shoulder.

MMA fighters tend to have varied injuries, but often shoulder and knee problems. Dr. Travis would often treat the fighters before a competition, helping them loosen up their muscles and joints. Athletes can often overextend themselves during training, and Dr. Travis is well-versed in helping these types of injuries.

Fine-tune your performance with chiropractic care. Contact us to find out more! Insurance coverage can be applied to your visits.

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